Bike Servicing, Repairs & Tuning
at Leslie Bike Shop


As cyclists we all know how amazing a smooth running bike feels to ride, the difference between riding a bike with crisp gear-shifting, powerful brakes and riding a bike with worn components, inefficient gears and dodgy brakes is huge. If you’re a time-pushed cyclist who isn’t able to keep on top of your bike maintenance then we can help! Your free time is precious so let us tune your bike for you, leaving you to get out and ride with more enjoyment and no mechanical issues! Our team of qualified mechanics will look after your bike with the care and attention it deserves.

Our number one priority is customer service and we want to get you back on two wheels as swiftly and efficiently as possible, along with the very best advice!

  • All jobs are pre-quoted and agreed with you before work commences.
  • We will always contact you via telephone or SMS before any additional work is undertaken.
  • We will turn your repair around in as short a time as possible.
  • On collection we will talk you through all work undertaken and highlight any areas which may need further attention.

Electric Bike Specialists

Our store is equipped with an E-Bike Service Centre, fully authorised to diagnose, service and repair world leading brands of electric bikes. Our Certified E-Bike Technicians are here to help, whether it's a software update, full service or custom build.

Authorised Service Centres

Not only are we one of the Scotland's leading electric bike retailers, we're also a Bosch e-bike and Shimano Service Center. We accept most makes and models of e-bike equipped with Bosch or Shimano Steps, and we are equipped with the latest tooling and diagnostics.

When is your workshop open?

9am until 5.15pm, Monday to Saturday. The same as our showroom!

Why should I choose Leslie Bike Shop to get your bike serviced or repaired?

Expert Technicians

Our workshop technicians are trained to the highest levels. This gives us the edge over your average bike shop, as we can offer you first-hand advice on any cycling-related issue. Not only can we service your bike professionally and quickly, but we also offer a variety of specialist options, including custom wheel building, custom frame and bike building, fork and shock servicing, and professional advice on set up and positioning.

Do I need to Book my bike in for Servicing?

We do recommend booking your bike in so we can arrange a mutually convenient time and date to ensure we keep the time you are without your bicycle to a minimum, especially during Spring and Summer when our workshop is busiest.

Can I just bring in the component I need repaired rather than the whole bike?


Can I bring my bike in to be repaired anytime?

We do recommend booking in before bringing your bike in, however if you have had a mechanical failure and require a quick turnaround pop in or give us a call as we will always do our very best to get you back rolling ASAP.

What Services do you provide?
To keep things simple we have 3 levels of servicing: Standard Service, Gold Service and our Gold Plus Service. We can also offer an MOT where we can supply a full report of the condition of your bike. View our full service descriptions and price list here.
Can you collect, repair and deliver my bike back?
Yes! If you are in Fife and the surrounding area we can come along in our van to collect your bike and deliver it back when complete. Prices for this service may vary so contact us and we can supply a quote.
How much will it cost to repair my bike?

We have an extensive list of repair and servicing prices on our Workshop page, click to view.

Do you service suspension?

Yes! In store we can do Fork lower leg services and Shock air can services. If a full damper service is required we can send your suspension to the manufacturer to ensure the latest technology is fitted and any free upgrades are taken advantage of.

Can you build wheels?

Yes! We love to build wheels from scratch. With our professional spoke cutting and threading machine we can quickly supply precisely formed spokes at exactly the right length down to 0.5mm.

Why should I service my bike?

Regular servicing on any bike is vital to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A poorly-kept bike will end up costing you more to repair, so it makes sense to keep your bike in good shape from day one. That’s why we offer a free first service when you buy your new bike from us.

Thereafter, to keep things simple we have 2 levels of servicing: Standard Service or the Gold Service.

You don't sell the brand of bike I have, can you still service and repair it?

Yes! Our experienced technicians can work on almost any brand of bicycle.

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